Patient Testimonials

Here are some un-edited testimonials, thank you letters, and comments from some of our recent patients:



I was referred to the Alaska Women's Advanced Pelvic Surgery and Urogynecology Clinic for various conditions that became increasingly difficult to manage over the past few years. With Dr. Biehl's Urodynamics Testing, a joint review of my Quality of Life Questionnaire and two-day Bladder Diary, it was an easy decision to make when corrective options were presented. The recommended vaginal repair with mesh repair systems included reversing a prior Bladder Suspension procedure and correction of an Anterior and Posterior Vaginal Prolapse.


I concur with the many testimonials showing Dr. Biehl to be a successful, caring surgeon. I also appreciated the documentation; Pre-Operative Instructions/Post-Operative Management/Discharge Instructions, and potential complications, so you are totally prepared before/after surgery with necessary tests, medications, etc. Dr. Biehl asks for his patients' input, and ensures you are involved and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. He sets a schedule of follow-up appointments to ensure recovery is going smoothly, and any minor problems can be taken care of in the office setting.


In layman's terms, I no longer have any stress or urge incontinence, no kink in the urethra, no bulge of the bladder or rectum into the vagina, and; 2+ months post-surgery, have absolutely none of the conditions that brought me to Dr. Biehl in the first place. So if you are someone like me who postpones taking care of your health, please don't delay any longer - call Dr. Biehl - you don't need to manage these, or similar problems. Do it while you are young and can enjoy life - you will be glad you did!



January 4, 2011


I am a 46 year old woman who over the past two years have had extemely heavy bleeding and cramping for the first two to three days of my period.


I originally went to Dr. Biehs office to get the Endometrial Ablation procedure done because a gal I work with had done it and was very happy with her results and she had a lot of good things to say about Dr. Biehl and his staff.


After the initial testing, my uterus was found to be a little larger than normal and also there was a fibroid tumor which could cause the ablation procedure to not turn out as well as I was expecting. After talking with Dr. Biehl, I decided to have a laprascopic assisted partial hysterectomy and also the TVT procedure done as I had also been experiencing incontinence when I sneezed or coughed for several years.


It has been 7 weeks now since I had the surgery and I am so happy that I had it done. The surgery itself was a breeze. I was expecting it to hurt more. When I got home from the hospital and for a few days after there was some discomfort but overall it was very minimal. The hardest part of the doctors orders to follow was to "take it easy" as I felt so good and I wanted to get back to normal activities. When I was recovering in the hospital one of the nurses had made a comment that Dr. Biehl is one of the best around. I felt glad that I had chosen him to do the surgery!


I had a cold about three weeks after the surgery and I'm happy to report that with all the coughing and sneezing I did that not once did I wet my pants!. I still have the reflex to tightly cross my legs but I'm sure that reflex will soon be going away. I am looking forward to playing softball this summer because I know that I won't fear running to the bases and peeing my pants in the process!


I am so glad and thankful that I chose to go to Dr. Biehl. I think the gals there are so wonderful. They were friendly, helpful and fun. Seems there was always laughter going on.


I was also very impressed with Dr Biehl from the beginning. He fully explained everything about the different test, procedures and surgery and then made sure that what he said or explained made sense. He was always making sure that if I had any questions, to just ask away. He looks you in the eye when he talks to you and explains everything ahead of time. I felt like I could really trust him and also very re-assured about my choice in having surgery since it was a very big decision to make.


Thanks again to Dr. Biehl and his staff!!! I love how this has made such a positve difference in my life!




I was referred to Dr. Biehl in June 2010 for a bulging bladder.  He
recommended that a mesh be surgically placed for bladder support, as well as rectocele and cystocele surgery.  Dr. Biehl's written pre-surgery instructions were such a help to know what to expect at the time of the 9/14/2010 surgery.  I am feeling so much better and so far have had a speedy recovery.  Dr. Biehl's office staff was very kind and considerate at every appointment.  Thank you Dr. Biehl, Joan, Amber and RASCAL for the wonderful care I received at your Alaska Women's clinic.

Thank you to the nurses and staff at Providence  Hospital.


G. H.



I’m a 49 year old woman who was having extremely heavy periods since I started my period at age 13.  I also did not have a regular period during this time in my life, sometimes it was every month, sometimes 2x a month.  I was having extreme cramping and pain during this time.  I would end up in bed for 2 days or more each month.  It was very miserable.


I went to see doctor Biehl after I received a pamphlet in the mail advertising the Obliviation procedure.  I thought maybe this was a cure for my heavy periods and cramping.  The people in the office greeted me so professionally and friendly.  After doing the lab and other tests he scheduled me for the procedure.  It was so easy and quick, I could not believe it.  The women in the office are so friendly and helpful and make you feel like you are part of their family.  This made the procedure so much easier and comfortable.  I had the procedure about 8 months ago and I’m living proof that things can get better.  I feel like I have a new lease on life, and I can get out more and enjoy life to the fullest.  I don’t have to call in sick every month due to my period. 

I would recommend this to any woman, and already do recommend to my friends.  I had a friend about 3 months ago having problems and sent her to Dr. Biehl, and he took very good care of her.  She keeps telling me I saved her life by making her go to Dr. Biehl.



I’ve been suffering from urinary urgency and incontinence for a good ten years now.  The quality of my life has digressed to not much more than making it to work then home and to the couch and/or bed.  By the end of each day the lower back pain and pressure in my abdomen was unbearable and the only relief I got was from lying down.  A well respected doctor has been treating me all this time for OAB.  I have been on every medication and even endured 12 sessions of acupuncture at the cost of $6,000.  I was urinating every hour during the day and every 2-3 hours during the night.  Needless to say I was miserable. 


My primary physician recommended Dr Biehl.  After hearing my history he said to me you have pelvic prolapse with the promise that “I can make you feel a thousand times better”.   The exam and tests all confirmed.  I am looking forward to enjoying life once again.  I look at women on the street and can’t help but wonder how many of us are suffering with this.   


I am spreading the good fortune of finding Dr Biehl to all my friends and acquaintances.   Dr Biehl and Joan -- I'm going to write to Dr Oz to put you on his  TV show.  Women need to know about this condition.


Forever grateful to you all. 



I am a 52 year old woman who feels like a new person.  I cannot believe the energy I have!


For years I suffered through extremely heavy periods that would last up to ten days.  I could not use tampons or regular pads.  I had to use the thickest Poise pads which I bought in the adult diaper section of the supermarket. 

Because of the blood loss I was always tired and, over the years, had several doctors tell me either that I was depressed, hypothyroid, menopause, and, of course that I needed to eat right and exercise.   The last I would have happily done if I had had any energy at all.


Then, last winter, the bleeding didn’t stop for over a month.  I couldn’t hardly walk across a parking lot let alone work.  Finally, I was put on hormones which did stop my bleeding but only for a short while and then it continued again.


Then, a dear friend told me about her wonderful doctor who would work with me.  In fact, she scheduled an appointment for me.  When I went to Dr. Biehl I immediately felt comfortable and knew I was with someone who could help me. 

Dr. Biehl scheduled a sonogram and found tumors growing inside my uterus.    He then did a biopsy and scheduled an operation for a  hysterectomy.   After the surgery, Dr. Biehl told me it was one of the more difficult hysterectomies that he had ever had to do.  I had two (I believe he told me, a little larger than size of a golf balls) inside of my uterus.


I did not have any insurance and was terrified but Dr. Biehl and his staff worked with me and charged me only a fraction of the regular cost.  There is no way I can even begin to describe what a relief this was.


I will tell you or anyone else who might ever ask me that Roger Biehl is not only a skilled doctor and surgeon but a good man.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Biehl and his wonderful team of people.  My quality of life has taken such a complete turn around for the better! 




I have lived the past 26 years in pain for a couple days during every cycle. I had to make sure that I had enough vacation and sick time at work, so that when my cycle did come around I would be able to stay home with my heating pad and ibuprofen. Sometimes I was lucky enough to start on the weekend and not have to use any time off from work.


In March 2010, I'd had enough. I am almost 40 years old, not planning to have children and ready to be done with this pain. I heard from a friend who had just had the LHS by Dr. Biehl, that she had recovered with minimal pain within a month or so of surgery - it was unbelievable. So with that in mind I had my Doctor refer me to Dr Biehl's office. Within a couple of weeks of my first appointment I had the surgery and was in recovery. While Dr Biehl was doing the surgery he found that I had endometriosis, which was more than likely the cause of my severe cramps every month.


It has been exactly 4 weeks since the surgery I have been through one cycle with no cramps - none - take it from someone who was laid up for 1 to 2 days every month because of cramps, this is a miracle! Dr Biehl and his crew have been a godsend for me!


Thank you Dr Biehl!


For years I lived with "cross your legs, if I sneeze, cough, or laugh", running was out of the question because of my incontinence. My periods were horrendous, heavy bleeding and clotting, cramping that was incapacitating.


I had surgery on Feb 16, 2010 with Dr. Biehl, I could not be happier with the results, not only is he kind. Professional, his staff is well educated and truly had my best interest and health in mind. I highly recommend the repair of a prolapsed bladder, rectum and or uterus and if you find your periods are not what most would consider normal, ask about an ablation. Thank you so much Dr. Biehl and staff.




After nineteen years of suffering with undiagnosed abdominal pain, urinary issues, and bowel problems, I finally found help with Alaska Womenís Advanced Pelvic Surgery and Urogynecology Office. Dr. Biehl was able to determine my problems within minutes of my first visit. Dr. Biehl and his staff were awesome at explaining which procedures I would need to resolve my problems and help me to feel confident about my decisions.


Dr. Biehl recommended a technique called Bio-feedback for four weeks before surgery to help reduce my post-operative pain and strengthen the muscles controlling my bladder. At first I was skeptical, but it turns out he was right. After surgery, I was able to recognize the muscles were tightening in spasms, and with the tools of bio-feedback, I was able to relax them and significantly reduce my pain levels after surgery. I am amazed at the difference one month of bio-feedback sessions made in my recovery. I would recommend it to anyone going through pelvic surgery.


My surgery was a success and has drastically improved my life for the better. The difference in my body is incredible, gone are the days of constant pain. I am so pleased I was finally able to find the right specialist.




I just wanted to write and say thank you to you, Joan and Amber, even Rascal.

You have all made getting my surgery (Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy) a breeze.

I felt that I had all the information I needed before the surgery including a shopping list of everything I would need before hand and a prescription early for medication I would need afterwards, also literature to help me understand what was going to happen.  All this after a thorough explanation from you.

The care afterwards is beyond great. Each and every visit was easy and caring.  Even Rascal meeting me at the door would put a smile on my face.

Having the surgery was the best choice for me. 


I had several large and growing Uterine fibroids, that thankfully were not causing pain, but now that they are gone, I feel so much better.  The surgery relieved pressure on my bladder that I didn't even realize was from the fibroids.


Again, I just want to thank you and your staff for making me feel so much better and for the wonderful care you all gave me.


- KF

Being referred to Dr. Biehl is the best thing that ever happened to me. I had a Rectocele for years that I did not know could be repaired. I was referred for another issue which thankfully turned out to be nothing of concern. During my exam Dr Biehl found the Rectocele and also a Cystocele.  He informed me that they COULD be repaired and that there were also treatment options for the urinary leakage I had.  I schedule everything immediately and have never looked back or regretted my decision.  Everything went great.  They give you all the information you need and answer all your questions without making you feel like you are wasting their time.  They  give you a shopping list prior to surgery so you do not have to worry about anything when you come home from the hospital. I only used 2 of my pain pill as the pain is very minimal. You are also given the Doctors personal number to call if you have any concerns.


Dr. Biehl, Joan and Amber are awesome. I felt so comfortable with them all it was as if I had known them for years and I can not forget Rascal. I am a major Dog lover and seeing him just had me relaxing even more!!


I have my last appointment this coming week and I am really going to miss seeing everyone. I may just have to pop in and say "Hey" every once in awhile.

I have recommended Dr. Biehl to numerous people already and will continue to do so!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


January 12, 2009
Dear Dr Biehl, I want to tell you how happy I am to have become a patient of yours. Never in all my 71 years have I had a wonderful experience with a healthcare provider. From the moment I was contacted by Joan I felt I was a friend. She was extremely helpful with the appointments and helped me with the paperwork on line since they are a paperless office.


At my first appointment I met Joan, Amber, you and Rascal. It was a wonderful experience to where you made me right at home. Even the testing was not near as bad as I thought it would be . Gynecological testing is at best not comfortable but you made it so that I was comfortable. When I came in for my follow up and had my husband with me he was made to feel so welcomed. . Dr Biehl was so kind and explained every aspect of my surgery and his re commended treatment. My husband and I really felt you explained it well.


One of the things that impressed me most was when I left your office prior to surgery was the directions were so clear. I got a shopping list of what I needed and excellent discharge instructions. I felt like I had all of the knowledge I needed. It was a big surgery being in the hospital . You came and explained and comforted me before surgery I felt very reassured. I felt you were more of a friend than a doctor. Any women who is considering gynecological surgery should really see you and your staff for your excellent care.


I want to thank you Dr Biehl and your staff for your excellent care and professionalism . I would recommend you to anyone.


Thank You,


I had a pelvic prolapse which had become very uncomfortable. There was always a feeling of pressure and some incontinence. Being new to Alaska and not having much luck in finding a Dr, I looked you up on the internet and felt it was worth a call to see if you would take me as a patient. You and your staff are very helpful and put me at ease concerning my problem. By the way, the nurses at Providence have nothing but good to say about you and your professionalism. They told me I had the best Dr and I believe them.


After an overnight stay at the hospital, I was home feeling better than I expected. I had a rapid recovery and feel so much better since the surgery. I do not have the pressure of everything falling and not the urgency to urinate. I had been having lots of hip and back pain and I am so happy that the surgery seems to have alleviated that, too. Thank you Dr Biehl and staff.



I had surgery for a vaginal prolapse on November 17, 2008. The surgery was vaginal with three different repairs with mesh. I was never in pain and could have been back to work immediately after the surgery. Being an avid runner, I started running short distances within a month, and am now back to running long distances and have a couple marathons under my belt with another marathon the middle of September. I do not have to stop or feel like I need to stop and empty my bladder every few miles.


I would highly recommend Dr. Biehl who is a very competent and a caring doctor. He and his staff take the time with the patient before, during and after surgery. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Biehl discussed all alternatives and took the least invasive approach.



It has now been six months since my surgery. I have not regretted my decision to have Dr. Biehl do the repairs I needed to have done. And believe me, there were quite a few things done! I have to admit that I was amazed at how fast I healed. And how little I hurt after surgery. In fact, I didn't need to take any of my pain medication after I left the hospital. Yes, I did use a pillow to sit on, and I did take it easy, but it wasn't a bad recuperation period.


The one thing I need to stress is follow the directions in the packet given you by Dr. Biehl. Do the sitz baths with the epson salts so you heal like you're supposed to. And do the walking to keep you loosened up. Drink water and eat as healthy as possible. And keep your appointments. You won't regret having the surgery.

December 31, 2009


Five and a half weeks ago I underwent a supra cervical hysterectomy due to fibroids which made me lose iron and very anemic (no wonder I have been so tired all this time!) The fibroids were quite large and were also pushing against my bladder which caused me to go to the bathroom a lot and I was getting up 5 times through out the night.


After diagnosis and explanation of my options by Dr. Biehl and some iron infusions in preparation for surgery, I had my operation on November 23, 2009.


I stayed in the hospital overnight and went home the next afternoon. I had to take it easy and had to keep reminding myself not to do too much or lift heavy things but was able to return to work on November 30. I had no complaints after surgery, everything is healing very well and I am moving back to normal everyday activities.


I feel very fortunate that my regular doctor had referred me to Dr. Biehl and the laparoscopic procedure vs. a doctor who only performs traditional hysterectomies. If you are considering having a traditional hysterectomy you must look at the laparoscopic surgery as an option.


We are lucky that we have someone of Dr. Biehlís skill and caliber and knowledge of this procedure right here in AK. The staff and Joan (office manager) were so nice always greeting you with a smile and immediately putting you at ease!


Thank you Dr. Biehl and Joan!



December 22, 2009

4 weeks ago I underwent a supra cervical hysterectomy! I had been fighting horrible cramps a few weeks out of each month for years. I finally went to see Dr. Biehl. He listened to everything I had to say. I went through a few tests to help diagnose my problem and he gave me several other options other than a hysterectomy. I felt for my situation it would be best for me.

I had the surgery and went home the next day. I took a few days off and went back to work the next week. I couldn’t believe after hearing for years that you would be out of work for 6 weeks, that I could actually go back after a few days. Of course, I had to take it easy still but it was like I never had surgery and had to keep reminding myself not to do too much or lift heavy things. I had no complaints after surgery, everything is healing very well and I back to normal everyday activities without the daily pain I was going through.

Dr. Biehl and his staff were very easy to deal with and very understanding. They were always there to answer questions and they were very quick to return all of my calls.

Thank you Dr. Biehl, Amber, and Joan!



I am writing to thank you for all the excellent care I have received from you since I first met you. Not only did you and your staff take a lot of time and patience guiding me through examinations and tests;  you also explained the surgical procedure (Tvt sling Bladder Repair and Rectocle Repair) in a way, I  was able to fully understand what was going to happen. It alleviated any fear and concerns I previously had and (I am sure) was responsible in aiding at Recovery. I was surprised how fast I was back on my feet, despite my age (66).


I felt terribly self-conscious about my condition prior surgery ( prolapsed bladder and bowel); it is a condition that seriously hampers social contact.   I can never thank  you for putting my life back to normal.



I am a 52 year old female that had a hysterectomy 15 years ago and had her bladder prolapse 3 different occasions.  The urologist back then stated that was all he could do for me. I saw Dr Biehl ad in the newspaper one day and decided to call for a consult to see if he could offer me anything. My life was restricted around locating a bathroom where ever I went. I would not go out with my friends in case I leaked. It started to take over my life and control me.


I went to see Dr Roger Biehl he did a very detailed history on me and then a very detailed exam.  I have never been examined this extensive. His staff was wonderful made me feel very comfortable and very at ease. I would recommend him to anyone. Now since I had the procedure I have been controlling my life not the bladder controlling me. I want to thank Dr Biehl and his great staff for all of their concern and kindness.


What I had done was a Anterior Repair (bladder), Posterior Repair (rectum), Monarch Sling, Vaginal vault suspension with mesh.


My life has changed for the best I can now go out into public and start enjoying life.  I would advise anyone to do this procedure. Healing was a piece of cake. If I could open my mind and do this so could you.
Once again thank You Dr Roger Biehl.  You are great. 



My mom who is 64 suffered with incontinence for 15 years. She was using 8 to 10 pads a day and 3 or 4 at night because of her leakage of urine. She did nerve stimulation and had a urethral sling put in. The procedure for the sling was an out-patient surgery that she quickly recovered from in two days. Since she has finished her nerve stimulation after the surgery she is now only using 2 to 4 pads during the day and 1 at night. She has made comments to me constantly on how she can walk and exercise now without worrying or getting embarrassed anymore.  Thanks Dr. Biehl for improving her quality of life.


I am only 40 and had a hysterectomy with some incontinence, because of the care and success that my mom had I decided to deal with the embarrassment and give Dr. Biehl a try. I suffered for two years from a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort from scar tissue that built up on my vaginal cuff after my hysterectomy.  I also started to leak urine when I cough, sneezed, for lifted my leg to put my panties on. Dr. Biehl removed the scar tissue and put a sling in like my moms. For the first time in two years I have been able to have intercourse without pain and I no longer leak.  My recovery for the surgery was one day.  I was up and about back to my routine the very next day.


Thanks for your care and ability to help.


I am a 46 yo Female from a small fishing town south of Anchorage. I was experiencing very heavy, frequent periods. At my yearly checkup in May 2009 I was also very anemic with low energy. My doctor in Homer recommended seeing Dr. Biehl whose offices were located up in Anchorage. I made an appointment and met him. I appreciated how easy he was talk to and how knowledgeable he was about all the current technology. I also wanted to have any surgery done at Providence Medical Center and Dr Biehl was on the staff there. He encouraged my husband to be a part of the decision and we both appreciated that. My husband found him very easy to discuss things with. I ended up having a hysterectomy at Providence performed by Dr. Biehl and now I feel so much better. I kept my ovaries and my cervix . I also had a fibroid tumor on my bladder he was able to remove and I felt relief the very next day. I stayed in the hospital overnight and went home the next afternoon. I have not had any complications. It has made such a difference in my quality of life. The care from start to finish was phenomenal.


Thank you Dr Biehl and Staff for a great experience.



Dr. Biehl,

Having the Laparoscopic Surgery was the very best decision that I made. Hesitant about having the Surgery; I had lived a couple of yrs. With a Pro-lapsed Uterous Very uncomfortable, embarrassed, Frustrated; I wanted my life back. As a Single parent, how could I be off work for 6-8 weeks. I saw your ad in the newspaper, made an appointment. It all started from that point. You and your office staff were Wonderful…
I had Surgery Wednesday Dec. 17, 2008 was back to work the following Monday Dec. 22, 2008.

Thank You for giving me my life back…


Two months ago I had surgery for Cystocele Defect (hernia involving the bladder) by Dr. Roger Biehl. 


35 years ago I had surgery done vaginally for uterine prolapse and experienced a several day hospital stay with pain and a difficult recovery getting back on my feet and even wanting to eat again.  It was something I thought I’d never have to go through again.  But this winter I realized that I had something similar happening and my general physician confirmed it.  I remembered reading Dr. Biehl’s advertisement in the newspaper announcing Alaska Women’s Advanced Pelvic Surgery.  After reading his web site, I decided to discuss his “minimally invasive surgery” approach and booked an appointment with him for an assessment of what type of surgery would be best and easiest on me.


Dr. Biehl was very thorough giving me his diagnosis and options available following my exam.  I was given written information including medical drawings and/or pictures of the problem and the surgical corrections to take with me and think about.  Dr. Biehl answered my questions and my time constraints.  Prior to going to the hospital for surgery I had complete instructions for pre surgery including a list of home supplies needed, what the surgery would involve with an overnight hospital stay, written prescriptions to have conveniently filled before I needed them, and after hospital discharge considerations and recovery.


Dr. Biehl’s surgical repair procedure was to insert a holding mesh vaginally.  He said that it would be nearly painless and I could expect an easy recovery, but not to lift over 10 lbs. for at least 6 weeks.  Yes, after the experience I can agree that in my case all this was true.  I understand that this method will continue to be effective for me for much longer than I had hoped for.  I am feeling completely normal again and am thankful for the successful repair.




Prior to last December I had experienced severe cramps, nausea & heavy bleeding during my periods. After 36 yrs. of this, I sought treatment from AWAPSU. I now feel healthier, more energetic and have a better quality of life. The staff @ this facility listen, follow thru competently and will ultimately change your life for  the better.



Before getting help from Dr. Biehl, whatever I wanted to do had to be planned around my problem bladder.  Wherever I went, I needed to know that I could reach a bathroom quickly.  Urgency, frequency, and bladder infections were making me miserable and keeping me a prisoner in my home.


This changed when I was referred to Dr. Biehl.  I believe he recognized the seriousness of my situation, and how dispirited I had become, for in only a short time Dr. Biehl performed corrective surgery resulting in relief from the urgency and pain that had dominated most of the hours of every day.

Dr. Biehl was quite thorough in ascertaining details of my medical history.  He also explained every procedure that preceded the surgery so that I understood what was being done, and what to expect.  I felt very much a part of the team working toward my healing, and I went in to the surgery with  confidence and trust.  Dr. Biehl used the latest non-invasive technology, and I was surprised that there was only a little pain afterward, and also how quickly I recovered and was a able to return to everyday life.

I am very happy with the the results of the surgery.  No more straining and waiting to go, and I am able to attend functions for several hours without having to run to the bathroom.  It is wonderful to be able to travel, and to sleep through the night!



I am writing this to let you know that if you have been suffering from a fallen bladder and associated complications, there is help. I have had numerous bladder infections and have been hospitalized twice. This past spring, my urologist told me about Dr. Biehl. He preformed a procedure on me called Culpocleisis. I am no longer in severe pain or have had any more bladder infections, and because of this I am so grateful to him. Dr. Biehl and his staff are so kind and I had excellent treatment. I am ninety-two years old and wished that I could have had this surgery years ago.

With Gratitude,


Hi Dr. Biehl,


I recently had the endometrial ablation procedure.  Thanks to you and your friendly & capable staff, the procedure went smoothly and I had surprisingly little discomfort afterwards.  I really appreciated that you were able to work with my busy schedule.  I’m looking very forward to a future with less heavy periods and hopefully a resolution to my anemia.  I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again.



Dear Dr. Biehl:

I wanted to let you know I was extremely pleased with the entire process that I recently experienced under your care.


From the very first appointment I could see that you and your staff were attentive, pleasant to work with, and very knowledgeable.  You took extra time on my first appointment to explain everything in detail, including showing me a model of a uterus, providing written material to take home, and listening with interest and patience to my concerns and questions.  I would say that you, as a doctor and surgeon, have what I consider a wonderful and caring bed-side manner.  You have enthusiasm and passion for your field of expertise and it shows in how you treat and talk to your patients.  I appreciate greatly that you make good eye contact with your patients and are diligent in making sure we understand everything before we leave the office.


One of your staff, Joan, shared her similar recent surgery experience with me at one of my early appointments which gave me an insight on what to expect and what some of the time frames in the process would be.  She has always been very enthusiastic, friendly and helpful anytime I've come into the office or called.   She has also been flexible in setting up my appointments and I always received an e-mail reminder to be sure I didn't forget or miss an appointment.  Your nursing staff has been great to work with and very friendly and helpful as well.  Everyone in your office offered a greeting and smile when I arrived at your office.  I never had to wait a long time to get in to see you once I arrived at your office.


I went into surgery feeling confident that I was in excellent hands and I had a complete understanding of what was being done to me.   Once I was home, your office called several times to check on me to be sure I was doing okay after the surgery.  I felt from the beginning that you and your staff have a genuine concern for your patients and strive to provide the best care possible.   Each time I came in for an appointment, I felt more like I was visiting friends that the "staff".


Even with the extra time and extra procedures that were necessary for my bladder after the surgery, I can say without hesitation that the entire experience was positive from start to finish and I highly recommend you and your staff for any women who needs this kind of surgery done.  As a Christian person, I feel God lead me to call your office to schedule my first appointment to ensure my need for surgery would be handled in the best of hands.


I sincerely thank you and your staff for all you did for me.  I feel like I not only have a new doctor/surgeon to go to, but I have made wonderful friends.

Hugs and Best Wishes, 



Dr Biehl,

     Thank you.  You and your staff were the most professional and caring medical team I have ever encountered.  Not only were you highly knowledgeable and helpful but you and your staff treated my concerns seriously.  I will recommend everyone who is seeking advice or solutions to their problems, to seriously consider you and your staff as the best medical team out there.
     After going through years of problems, and emergency room visits your solutions and medical care have helped me drastically improve out- look on life.  Since my surgery I have felt better now than I have 
ever felt before.   


Thank you again for such wonderful care.
-A. H.

I am a long time Alaska Resident  64 years of age that ignored the fact that there was help for my problem which I did not feel comfortable  speaking about.   I had severe Urinary Incontinence and I also had a problem with Rectal Prolapse and the  ability to have a bowel movement. I would really have to strain to have a bowel movement. I would have to wear special under garments to avoid embarrassing   accidents with my bladder.


I went to doctors and was told there was nothing.  that could be done. Then I met Dr Roger Biehl who worked with me to find the best solution after the appropriate testing to see what type of surgery I would need. We chose a procedure that was a vaginal procedure both  posterior and anterior with a  mesh and a sling for the bladder.  I was out of the hospital the next day without any pain.
I now can sneeze, cough and do any activity and I feel great.  I am now having normal bowel movements without having to strain. I just wish that Dr Biehl would of  been around a lot sooner.  


Thank You Dr Biehl for giving my quality of life back.

Hi, I am a 46 year old female that needed a hysterectomy due to fibroids  which  made me lose Iron and then I became anemic.  I went to my family doctor for a cough and he drew blood since I looked pale. The result, my hemoglobin was 5 and the normal should be 11-14 ,I had to have Iron Infusions to get my count up and then I was referred to Dr Biehl who helped me find the best solution for my problem. I had a horrible nagging cough also that when I  coughed  I would leak. I would have to wear sanitary napkins to avoid any embarrassing moments.


Dr Biehl did diagnostic testing on me and he stated we could do a Supra cervical  hysterectomy( which  is a partial leaving the ovaries in)  He did  not want to put me into menopause yet since I did not need to be.   He ordered diagnostic testing so he knew what kind of sling that would help me best for my incontinence.

I had the surgery and bladder repair and I cannot believe how quickly I recovered, I had minimal pain I had surgery on a Wednesday and was back at work the following  Monday.  I felt great.  I no longer have to wear undergarments and once again feel I have control of my life. 

Thank you Dr Biehl I just wish I would off come to you sooner.  You are a great asset for this town and the female population. You gave me your undivided attention.  


Thank You

-J. E.

Hello, I am 52 years old and I finally can run, exercise, laugh, cough, and sneeze without fear of wetting my pants. I had researched urinary incontinence online and was familiar with a procedure called TVT or otherwise known as a bladder sling.


This surgery has changed my life for the better! Dr. Biehl and his entire staff are very down to earth professionals and made me feel so comfortable thru ought the diagnostic testing and surgery. The day of the surgery I did have some complications due to the anesthesia and Dr. Biehl was right on top of things.


He is an extremely caring doctor who was concerned for my welfare.

I have had 3 caesarians and 1 hysterectomy and must say this most recent surgery was a real breeze as far as recovery time and having minimal pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Biehl to anyone seeking out treatment for incontinence or any other gynecological problems.  He is awesome!


-M. O.

I am writing to you in regards to the surgery procedures I chose to have done in December 2008. I am a 59 year old female, After two previous attempts by other medical specialists  to correct my condition of  bladder prolapse with no success. I had little hope and no intention of seeing my condition improve yet alone corrected.


I had a referral from one specialist, whom I have the highest regard both as a person and professionally, I was referred to Dr Roger Biehl of  Alaska Women’s Advanced Pelvic Surgery & Urogynecology.


I agreed to have yet a third possible procedure done December 2008 I underwent the Surgical procedure of a Sling and a Rectocele Repair where they put everything falling out of the Rectum back in using the mesh system. I also had my bladder put back up using a mesh system,  and on July 13, 2008 I had my final recheck by Dr Biehl. I had healed beautifully and I had no longer any problems going to the bathroom and no longer anything falling out.  


I am so happy with Dr Biehl and I would recommend him and his medical skills with the highest recommendation, and would like to make a suggestion to any other women who likewise are experiencing these similar problems with this condition /and or urinary complications.


As a Patient each individual is treated with highest importance and with respect by him and his staff. You are not just a another medical problem through consultation and examination,  time speaking to you.  He is never in a hurry to rush you out he gives you the time you need and answers all of your questions to where you understand the treatment . He  has made my life so much fuller and now I no longer have the restriction I once had I can go with my family , not have to look for restrooms or wear these  horrible undergarments. 


I just want to thank Dr Biehl and his staff for a fabulous job well done.



I am a 74 year old woman who had a previous prolapsed rectum operations years ago. When things began to fall out again, I was nervous about seeing a doctor.  I didn’t think my situation could be fixed and I would have to live with it. I am quite active (running ,walking, races, exercising and staying busy). It was no fun with leakage from the bladder and also sphinx muscles not working.  Dr Biehl was my choice of doctors after I checked on the internet and saw how qualified he was. He did an amazing operation and I am doing great.  Both problems were fixed and very successful.


I would recommend Dr Biehl to family or friends.  I would shout it from the roof top what a great doctor he is.His receptionist also was always friendly and helpful and took care of my insurance requirements. I cannot say enough about his assistant who made me feel and not embarrassed . She really added to his team of wonderful people.





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